The Barbecue Inn

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In operation at the same north Houston location since 1946, Barbecue Inn’s fryers trump its barbecue pits. A throwback to the 1960s, the homey, inviting space offers counter seating, or you can take a seat in one of the candy apple-red leatherette booths at the family-run establishment. The waitresses, young and old, briskly take your order, informing you that if you order the fried chicken, it will take 25-30 minutes to prepare.

— Russell Weil

Barbecue Inn tastes homemade because it is

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The restaurant was founded in 1946 by Louis and Nell Skrehot. 1946! That was one year after World War II ended."My father decided to give this a try and he started out with just barbecue and beer" explains owner Wayne Skrehot.
For 70 years, this family owned restaurant has been delighting customers with their delicious home-style cooking, southern hospitality and great service. Their customers are loyal and call it a "landmark" and "an institution".

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— mboddeker

These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best Chicken Fried Steak In Texas

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Surprisingly, some of the best chicken fried steak in the state can be found in our biggest city. It's definitely a hidden gem with its old-fashioned, small town atmosphere. The chicken fried steak is the star of the menu - it's simply delicious. And that leaf of kale makes the whole meal healthy, right?

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— Katie Lawrence

Restaurant report card

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The Barbecue Inn in the 100 block of Crosstimbers had perfect grades this week in its flawless report card.

— Sofia Ojeda

The 15 Best Places for Fried Shrimp in Houston

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The 7 best fried chicken joints in Houston


Generations of Houstonians have been able to enjoy The Barbecue Inn’s family charm and Southern taste. Their family recipes have been honed and perfected over the last 70 years, including some seriously mind-blowing fried chicken, which isn't even the most sought-after menu item (that title goes to the fried shrimp). But sometimes only bird will do, and this one does beautifully with a homemade batter that crisps up perfectly around an impossibly juicy interior.

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The South's Best Fried Chicken

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Southern food, despite persistent stereotypes, is about so much more than fried chicken. We revel in Louisiana gumbos and Lowcountry pilaus, oysters from Apalachicola and apple stack cake from the Appalachians. But let's face it: We do love our browned bird, and our cooks excel at it.

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— Philip Malkus and
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Robb Walsh's 100 Favorite Houston Dishes:
#5 Fried Chicken at Barbecue Inn

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This is one of the only places that serves "cooked to order" fried chicken in the city, and it is amazing. The crust doesn't flake away -- it sticks to the bird like it was glued on, and the tender white meat of the breast is so juicy, it literally drips.

— Robb Walsh

America's best fried chicken

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It is a Sunday rite in my hometown of LaGrange, Ga. Church lets out and you head to Big Chic, our local fried chicken shop. Orders are taken from a simple walk-up counter, and hungry Baptists sigh happily as they wait for red-check boxes of sizzling, crispy goodness for afternoon supper. The car ride home is sanctifying as the fried, salty aroma fills the air like a spirit.

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— Taylor Bruce

Travel Leisure loves Houston fried chicken

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Barbecue Inn, the decades-old diner in the Heights with the misleading name, has earned its place representing Houston. Any time people will wait 25 minutes for their order (especially here, where the equally delicious and guilt-inducing chicken fried steak is a quicker option) you know they are doing something right. Whether it's the chatty waitresses or retro vibe — or as Travel + Leisure calls it, "an Edward Hopper dream with a Deep South spirit on the side," every local should hit Barbecue Inn at least once.

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— Sarah Rufca

A Houston Classic Joint The Barbecue Inn

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This place is like going back to 1957 its timeless. all the cooks and waitresses have been there 20 to 30 years. The food is really good great fried shrimp, chicken fried steak, and awesome fried chicken but be patient it takes those fine lady cooks about 25 minutes to cook it right.

— joedontexan